R.I.P. Omelet

20150804_161824.jpgIt is extreme sadness that we have to announce that Omelet joined chicken heaven on Thursday, August 18th, 2016.

Omelet was a great chicken. Chickens aren’t just egg-providers or brainless birds- they’re more than that; they’re companions, they’re friends, they’re pets. Chickens are intelligent and compassionate creatures. Like all other creatures on Earth, they’re all beautiful and unique in their own way.

Omelet was a great pet. She was beautiful and precious in a way that lots of people wouldn’t understand. Omelet was a Buff Orpington, a gorgeous hen with soft yellow feathers. She was always smaller than the other chickens and lower on the pecking order, but she was part of the group nonetheless.

Omelet was a tame hen- you could pet her and hold her and stroke her. She was an explorer. She loved going outside with all her other chicken friends; she loved pecking at the grass, she loved chasing butterflies. Unlike most humans, Omelet was always happy with her life. She enjoyed her life as a hen. She enjoyed her 5 chicken companions, and her humans, and her life.

Omelet was 3 or 4 years old when she died. We got her as a chick along with her other friends- the first Ooo Laxise, Honey, Puffbll, Chick Chick, Myrtle, Cadbury, and Pops. When she died she had formed close bonds with Pops, Cadbury, Puffball, and Honey. She grew up here. She passed away in the warmth of her chicken coop, her friends around her till the end.

Omelet died of illness. We are still unsure of the cause, but we know for sure she will be greatly missed. We won’t forget this chicken, who touched us, cheered us up when we were sad. We loved Omelet and will always remember her for the great friendliness, compassion, love of life, and personality that she possessed.

We are glad Omelet is no longer suffering. And we’re sure that right now she is up in chicken heaven chasing butterflies into the sunset.

From the beginning to the end, we loved you my friend.

Please enjoy these pictures of Omelet. We recommend you click on them to zoom in.





Me outside


Me with my friends outside.


Me with my sisters


The great outdoors!




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