Peanut’s Day!

So, as we drew nearer to the conclusion of the Nine Days of Pets, I realized that today was my day! I’m Peanut, Peanut Butter Baker, by the way. Thinking that today was my day was a simply wonderful thought, and I am pleased to tell you that my day went just as well as I thought it would! Around noon my friend Toffee and I got put outside under the deck in our run, but it was too windy for us to stay out there longer than a few minutes! Then Lianne gave us some simply delightful brocolli. Later, around three o’clock, we were put outside again and it was very nice out there- perfect conditions, very nice weather. Me and Toffee ran around out there, and there were odd things the humans called ‘chickens’ watching us. They seemed to like biting at the ground a lot…. After a while of being out in our run, Jenna came and put us back inside where we had some yummy hay, nice pellet-treats, and our daily Vitamin C chews. Overall, a WONDERFUL day!




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