What Guinea Pigs Should Eat:

Guinea pigs are small, furry, animals that were most likely named for their eating habits: they eat like pigs. This is what your pet guinea pig’s diet should be made up of:

  1. Fruits
  2. Veggies
  3. Pellets
  4. Grass/Hay
  5. Vitamin C
  6. Water

I will go over each of these categories, and I hope this post will help you decide what to feed your little pig.


Cavies, more commonly known as guinea pigs, should have a healthy serving of fruits or vegetables at least three times a week. You can also give them things like herbs. There are certain fruits guinea pigs cannot eat, like avacado. If you are uncertain about feeding your guinea pig something, always look it up on a reliable website such as happycavy.com. Try to give your guinea pigs fruit as more of a treat. Please note that guinea pigs should have veggies a lot more than fruit, and can only eat some types of fruit. An idea for a guinea pig fruit snack is strawberries- you can feed them both the leafs and the fruit. Guinea pigs also require Vitamin C, which I will cover in another category.


Guinea pigs should eat lots of vegetables. Try to give them at least one small serving of veggies a day. For example, at least one baby carrot a day would be fine. Guinea pigs, as I talked about in the last category, can eat herbs like basil, but I like to believe each guinea pig’s taste buds vary, and, like people, they may not like some foods. If your guinea pig does not like a veggie, try not to give it to them in the future. Next time you offer them a veggie, try to give them a different veggie since there are so many. According to happycavy.com, Adult guinea pigs can have up to 1 cup of vegetables today. Guinea pigs especially like carrots and leafy greens!


Owners of guinea pigs often give their guinea pigs too many pellets a day. Try to spread them around the guinea pig habitat for them to find and eat as a little treat, like sugary cereal. You can also try healthier pellet mixes, which has a variety of different types of pellets. You can feed guinea pigs pellets from your hand, or you can feed them a small amount per day in a bowl, but please do not feed them too many pellets or your little piggies can start looking like real pigs.


Guinea pig’s diets should be 75% made up of grass or hay. In the winter and fall, I tend to give my guinea pigs more timothy hay as the days become shorter and grass is not always available. Since they prefer leafy grass as to dried timothy hay, try to get it whenever it’s available. I find that my guinea pigs like leafy grass better than small, thin, stalks. If your guinea pigs are picky and don’t eat hay after you’ve been giving them grass for a while, just leave the hay for a while. You can put hay in hay mangers, bowls, or spread over the floor, but make sure old hay doesn’t litter your habitat. My guinea pig, Peanut, loves the fluffy ends of timothy hay!

Vitamin C:

Like I mentioned before in the fruits category, guinea pigs need a healthy source of Vitamin C, or they will get weak teeth and are more immune to diseases like scurvy. Young, ill, or pregnant guinea pigs will need more vitamin c. Good sources of vitamin C are orange drops you put in their water, or orange flavored vitamin C yogurt drops. Both can be find at places like PetSmart. Oranges themselves are more sugary, so most guinea pig owners prefer to just get the water drops or yogurt treats.


Keep it simple. Clean and fill water bottles as needed, and if they get moldy take a q-tip and wipe the bottle clean. Make sure the water is fresh and is available all the time, and if you get a new/young guinea pig make sure they know how to get the water. Sometimes the bottles clog up, so after you refill them just take your finger and press on the the metal part, seeing if water comes up.

I hope this post helped!!!!


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