R.I.P. Omelet

20150804_161824.jpgIt is extreme sadness that we have to announce that Omelet joined chicken heaven on Thursday, August 18th, 2016.

Omelet was a great chicken. Chickens aren’t just egg-providers or brainless birds- they’re more than that; they’re companions, they’re friends, they’re pets. Chickens are intelligent and compassionate creatures. Like all other creatures on Earth, they’re all beautiful and unique in their own way.

Omelet was a great pet. She was beautiful and precious in a way that lots of people wouldn’t understand. Omelet was a Buff Orpington, a gorgeous hen with soft yellow feathers. She was always smaller than the other chickens and lower on the pecking order, but she was part of the group nonetheless.

Omelet was a tame hen- you could pet her and hold her and stroke her. She was an explorer. She loved going outside with all her other chicken friends; she loved pecking at the grass, she loved chasing butterflies. Unlike most humans, Omelet was always happy with her life. She enjoyed her life as a hen. She enjoyed her 5 chicken companions, and her humans, and her life.

Omelet was 3 or 4 years old when she died. We got her as a chick along with her other friends- the first Ooo Laxise, Honey, Puffbll, Chick Chick, Myrtle, Cadbury, and Pops. When she died she had formed close bonds with Pops, Cadbury, Puffball, and Honey. She grew up here. She passed away in the warmth of her chicken coop, her friends around her till the end.

Omelet died of illness. We are still unsure of the cause, but we know for sure she will be greatly missed. We won’t forget this chicken, who touched us, cheered us up when we were sad. We loved Omelet and will always remember her for the great friendliness, compassion, love of life, and personality that she possessed.

We are glad Omelet is no longer suffering. And we’re sure that right now she is up in chicken heaven chasing butterflies into the sunset.

From the beginning to the end, we loved you my friend.

Please enjoy these pictures of Omelet. We recommend you click on them to zoom in.





Me outside


Me with my friends outside.


Me with my sisters


The great outdoors!




Proper Guinea Pig Care

Interested in getting a guinea pig? These small, furry animals (also called “cavies”) are sure to steal your heart, but they do require proper care. Here are some tips based on other websites and on personal experience. Please remember that if a vet says something different than what I say, listen to them over me. Here are the things I will go over:

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Habitat
  4. Health
  5. Social Life
  6. Other Guineas
  7. Fun-Time

Hope this helps you people new to the guinea pig way of life! THIS INFORMATION SHOULD NEVER REPLACE THAT OF A PROFESSIONAL’S.


Guinea Pigs, as I have said before and will say again, are PIGS! They eat a ton. Do not be afraid to feed your little pigs if they are hungry, but make sure they balance it out with having lots of excersize. To do this, make sure your habitat is big enough (go check out the Habitat section) and also try to make finding food a game of hide-and-seek. Guinea pigs should have a seperate eating place. It doesn’t have to be completely cut off from their igloo or water, but don’t put it right next to where they sleep. To find out more about what guinea pigs can and cannot eat, and some tips on what, how much, and how often to feed them, go check out my “What Guinea Pigs Should Eat” post.


Guinea Pigs require clean, pure, water to stay hydrated and stay cool! Water should always be available wherever the piggies go. I like to use a bottle that clips on to their cage. A long metal tube is where guinea pigs suck on and where the water comes out. A thing to consider, however, is that sometimes these bottles get jammed and water won’t come out because gross dirt and algae is blocking it. I don’t know how it gets in there, but you should clean it out with a q-tip to make sure the water flow is steady and consistent, and your piggies can have a drink of water whenever they want. When first getting piggies, introduce them to the water system and make sure they know how to use it before deciding to install it. Water bottles can be bought at any pet store.


The minimum cage habitat for one or two guinea pigs is 7 and a half square feet. I know for some people who do not have a lot of room, it may seem necessary to get a small cage for your guinea pig, but always remember to do the right thing for your guinea pig. If your guinea pig’s habitat is small you should definitely let your guinea pig have time outside their cage, maybe grazing outside and running around on the carpet. Make sure to do your research and keep wires, other animals, poisonous plants, and other hazards away from your guinea pigs. In your guinea pig cage, if it has an upstairs part as part of your square footage, make sure your guinea is able and knows how to get up there. Include absorbant bedding that your guinea pig is not allergic to on the flooring of the cage. Also make eating spots, tunnels, and igloos in there. Our habitat is 16 sq. feet for our two guinea pigs, with leak-proof bottoms, seperate eating spots, wire caging, bedding with potty-pads underneath, and lots of igloos and tunnels. A good guinea pig cage is the Midwest Guinea Pig Cage Extra, which is on sale through  PetSmart for only $44.99!


It is important to make sure your piggy stays healthy. Maintain a regular veterinary appointment at least once a year. If your guinea pig is scratching a lot, make sure it doesn’t have mites or isn’t allergict to the bedding. Though there are some great guinea pig website out there, always listen to professionals rather than other guinea lovers. Make sure you provide your guinea pig with lots of Vitamin C or they can get a disease called scurvy. Also make sure to trim your guinea’s nails! However, if your guinea pig gets enough excersize this shouldn’t be a problem. Once again, do your research to make your guinea pig happy, healthy, and a good pet!

Social Lifes:

Guinea Pigs are natrually social pets. They need to bond with humans and other other guinea pigs. Try to tame your guinea pig when they are young by being gentle, kind, and giving them something for them to look forward to when they see you. If you give them a carrot everyday, they will associate that with you and start bonding with you. Also talk to them. important to get two females when getting guinea pigs, unless you want babies. Guinea pigs can start having babies at 3 to 4 months old and will breed back to relatives of the opposite gender.

Other Guineas:

As far as other guineas go, two or more guineas are the way to go. Every guinea is unique, however, and some may not like each other. I recommend getting at least two females- a male and female will breed, and two males might fight.


Guinea pigs should be able to life fun, exciting, but still safe, lives. It is recommended that you handle your guinea pigs eat least 30 minutes a day or at least let them have some play time for that long. That can mean blocking off an area from dangerous objects, pets, and small children, sitting on the floor with them and letting them run around and explore. That can mean taking them outside in a protected area and letting them nibble grass. Sometimes guinea pigs even enjoy swimming! Also make sure their habitat has enough fun things to keep them busy- for example, they like little igloo structures they can go on top of as well as under.


Thanks for listening to these tips! Once again, please remember these should never replace the advice of a professional. These are just some things you can do to make sure your guinea pig has a happy, healthy, and safe life!


Hufflepuff is adjusting well and she and Tess are now becoming friends. She is also friends with her neighbor Aiden and is making new friends at puppy class! We are working on getting her puppy behavior under control. 🙂 Down below are some more recent pictures of our adorable goldie pup:


Huffy and Tess playing


Huffy playing in a flower-pot


Aiden and Hufflepuff


Playing in the snow



New Puppy!

We are getting a cute Golden Retriever puppy named Hufflepuff this Wednesday (the 23rd of March) from Cougar Ridge Retrievers. She is named after the Hogwarts house “Hufflepuff” (from Harry Potter) where the loyal and kind witches and wizards are sorted. The name is perfect because Goldens are loyal, kind, and they are sort of fluffy puffy when they’re younger! Hufflepuff has 11 siblings. Her dad is Cody and her mom is Rosie. There are some pics below. To see the final countdown till when we are getting her, click here. Due to having to spend a lot of time with the puppy, I will not be on any of my websites frequently for about the next half-year.




Huffy running!

~The Meow Queen

R.I.P. Marley

Sadly, this winter, on Tuesday, February 16th, 2016, we had to put down our beloved dog Marley. We will miss this amazingly loyal, friendly, and nice Golden Retriever dog and hope she is having fun wherever she is. She was a great family dog and a great pal to her doggy friend Tess.

Good-bye Marley, we will always remember you!

~The Meow Queen

Happy 5th Birthday to the Cats!

March 23rd is Rosa and Violet’s 5th birthday! Can you believe it? Time flies! We are celebrating their b-day today because we will be on vacation for their real one, so don’t forget to wish them a happy birthday!


Happy Birthday, Rosa and Violet! (Made using picmonkey.com)

~The Meow Queen

Peanut’s Day!

So, as we drew nearer to the conclusion of the Nine Days of Pets, I realized that today was my day! I’m Peanut, Peanut Butter Baker, by the way. Thinking that today was my day was a simply wonderful thought, and I am pleased to tell you that my day went just as well as I thought it would! Around noon my friend Toffee and I got put outside under the deck in our run, but it was too windy for us to stay out there longer than a few minutes! Then Lianne gave us some simply delightful brocolli. Later, around three o’clock, we were put outside again and it was very nice out there- perfect conditions, very nice weather. Me and Toffee ran around out there, and there were odd things the humans called ‘chickens’ watching us. They seemed to like biting at the ground a lot…. After a while of being out in our run, Jenna came and put us back inside where we had some yummy hay, nice pellet-treats, and our daily Vitamin C chews. Overall, a WONDERFUL day!



Pop and Ooo’s Day!

Bawk, bawk, bawk…. Oh, it’s only you! I was afraid it was a scary coyote or something. You can never be too careful around here- what happened to poor Myrtle is proof! Anyhow, I’m Houshabally-Pops Baker, but you can just call me “Pops.” Toffee told me today is me and my cousin Ooo’s day. Let me go fetch Ooo for you….

Ah, there she is. So, what me and Ooo are doing today is being outside and pecking around! SUPER fun! I mean, really, you should try it…. unless, for some weird reason, you’re a human….

Well, um, bye….


~Pops and Ooo


Me (Pops)


Chicken Huddle


Ooo and Cadbury


Up close of Pop’s pretty feathers!


Cadbury and Honey’s Day!

Hello, hello, there! Bawk Bawk Bawk! My name is Honey! I’m going to tell you what me and my friend Cadbury did today. Well, first thing in the morning, our owner Jenna came and let us outside and we all pecked around and made nests and kicked up the dirt. I found a yummy grub under a tree and ate it. Cadbury, meanwhile, kicked Ooo out of her little nesting hole and said ‘This is mine!’ Then we went over to where the aspen trees were and pecked around there. Peck-a-licious! Then Jenna came outside and called us into the run and said she had to go somewhere and she didn’t want to leave us outside. Oh well, we got to eat scratch grain anyways!

Overall, it was an awesome day. Merry Christmas! I hope the rumors are true we’re going on vacation to the Bahamas….

~Honey and Cadbury


Pops, Cadbury, Ooo, and Honey coming out of their run!


Cadbury and Honey under a small pine tree.


Cadbury and Ooo up close!




Close-up of Honey. You can see her crooked beak.


Honey and her sister Omelet.


Honey’s egg.